Who We Support

The TRP Foundation supports a variety of agencies and organizations that provide services to seniors in the Southeast Valley. While some Foundation funds go to support projects within Trilogy and Power Ranch, these funds are usually raised through a specific activity designating their use. The majority of the Foundation’s unrestricted funds are used to support seniors across the Southeast Valley.

Gilbert Fire & Rescue Lock Box Program

One program that receives ongoing support from the TPR Foundation is the Gilbert Fire &Rescue Lock Box Program. It is designed to provide fire personnel (First Responders) access to a home in an emergency situation where the likelihood of forced entry is necessary.  Residents, who live alone, are disabled and/or have chronic illness that might require frequent assistance or trips to the Emergency Room, may qualify for a free lockbox.  GF&R places a secure lockbox similar to those used by realtors on an outside spigot with a house key inside.  Resident chooses the lockbox code, which is provided to 911 operators who, when called, will provide the code to the First Responders so they may enter the  home to assist the resident.

Gilbert Fire and Rescue will review applications and assign lockboxes.  Lockboxes are installed by GF&R personnel.  Residents will need to have an extra house key prepared prior to installation.  This program is free to qualifying residents.

For more details or to request an application for a Lockbox for your home call the Gilbert Fire and Rescue Department at 480-503-6300.

Or visit: https://www.gilbertaz.gov/departments/fire-and-rescue/community-programs/secure-lock-box-program

AZCEND Meal Delivery Program

The TPR Foundation supports the AZCEND Meal Delivery Program with annual donations. Operated through the Gilbert Senior Center, the program serves residents who are 60 years of age or older, have a disability or who have difficulty preparing meals at home. The money to support the program is typically raised through our Foundation fund raising activities; however, contributions to support this specific program are encouraged. You may donate directly on our website and specify AZCEND Meal Delivery as your donation cause. Please contact the TPR Foundation through our contact form on the website, or email us tpr@tprfoundation.org with any questions.

More Information About the AZCEND Meal Delivery Program

Private Pay Scholarship Program

For residents who are 60+ or -60 with a disability, have difficulty preparing meals at home, and are temporarily or permanently home bound, AZCEND who operates the Gilbert Senior Center, offers home-delivered meals (HDM). Meals are delivered midday M-F and frozen meals are available for Saturday and Sunday. As of January 1, 2018, meals cost $6.50/meal.
If a person cannot afford $6.50/meal, there is a scholarship program to subsidize the cost of meals for those persons who do not qualify for the federal HDM program.

Please follow these steps to see if you are eligible for program funded meals.
• Call the Senior Helpline (602) 264-4357 and explain that you are interested in home delivered meals being served out of the Gilbert Senior Center.
• The person on the phone will complete a short interview to determine whether or not you qualify for program funded meals.
• If the person thinks you qualify, they will send a case manager to your home and the case manager will set up your meal delivery.

If you do not qualify for program funded meals, but you wish meals funded by the scholarship program, please call the Gilbert HDM Coordinator at (480) 503-6058 to complete an assessment for the scholarship program. Remember, you must be denied for the federally funded program before you qualify for the scholarship program. Depending on the score of the Coordinator’s assessment you may receive meals at a reduced rate of $3.00, $3.50, $4.00 or $5.00/meal.

Past Recipients of TPR Foundation Giving

Banner Health M.D.
Anderson Cancer Center Gilbert

Financial support to patients and families in need.

Hospice of the Valley Lund Home, Gilbert

Their priority programs.

East Valley Ride Choice

Subsidized local travel for Gilbert residents in need.

Trilogy at Power Ranch Fitness Center

Equipment provided for residents who are able to stay active.

Gilbert Senior Center

Home delivered meals through AZCEND priority programs.

About Care

Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek programs for seniors.

I Run 4 Good, Gilbert

Supports Gilbert area charities.

Trilogy at Power Ranch Library

Large print and audio books for senior residents.