Private Pay Scholarship Program

For residents who are 60+ or -60 with a disability, have difficulty preparing meals at home, and are temporarily or permanently home bound, AZCEND who operates the Gilbert Senior Center, offers home-delivered meals (HDM). Meals are delivered midday M-F and frozen meals are available for Saturday and Sunday. As of January 1, 2018, meals cost $6.50/meal.

If a person cannot afford $6.50/meal, there is a scholarship program to subsidize the cost of meals for those persons who do not qualify for the federal HDM program.

Please follow these steps to see if you are eligible for program funded meals.

  • Call the Senior Helpline (602) 264-4357 and explain that you are interested in home delivered meals being served out of the Gilbert Senior Center.
  • The person on the phone will complete a short interview to determine whether or not you qualify for program funded meals.
  • If the person thinks you qualify, they will send a case manager to your home and the case manager will set up your meal delivery.

If you do not qualify for program funded meals, but you wish meals funded by the scholarship program, please call the Gilbert HDM Coordinator at (480) 503-6058 to complete an assessment for the scholarship program. Remember, you must be denied for the federally funded program before you qualify for the scholarship program. The scholarship program receives financial support from the TPR Foundation.

Depending on the score of the Coordinator’s assessment you may receive meals at a reduced rate of $3.00, $3.50, $4.00 or $5.00/meal.

Contributions to support this program are welcome. You may donate through our website and specify AZCEND Meal Delivery as your donation cause. Please contact the TPR Foundation through our contact form here, or call Mike Larson at (928) 301-7638 with any questions.