The Economic Impact Study has been
completed by the Perryman Group.
A special thanks to all who have donated to fund the
commissioning of this economic impact study to assess the
financial impacts of local parks and recreation in Texas.
The Perryman Group, an internationally recognized economic and financial
analysis firm based in Waco, has performed the study.  This independent study
can be used as an educational tool for many purposes with one of the specific
goals of the study being to provide an incentive and justification for local
governments throughout Texas to keep up with the demands of population
growth and the need for quality parks and recreation facilities and programs.  It
will identify and quantify the economic significance of parks and recreation on
state and local economies.
Al Johnson, Treasurer
Richardson, Texas 75081
November 2014 - "The Economic Contributions of Texas State Parks" by J. Youn Yeong and John L.
Crompton from Texas A&M University Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences is now
available.  View the study at: